Melting Point Apparatus for Aplab, Mumbai



Melting Point Apparatus is used in manufacturing companies to test for the purity of materials by checking their melting points. If there is a deviation from the standard melting point, it is probably due to the impurities in them. The apparatus is simple with a heating element which melts the material in the capillary tube, inserted through the holes provided at one end . The melting can be supervised through the lens just above it, providing a sneak peak into the whole process. The tester can set and control the temperatures through the control panel and display provided in the front.

We worked on the form of the product making the manufacturing much simpler and the aesthetics more contemporary. We elevated the control panel for visibility and ease of use. The lens which protruded earlier is now neatly tucked inside the product. The number of parts have been reduced from four individual parts to two broad parts enclosing all parts efficiently. The colours and finish transform the product from just another product lying around the lab to a premium looking prized posession of any lab.

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Ideation sketches.
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Concept 1 : Simple cylindrical design with display and lens accessible on the top making it convenient to use in a standing posture
Concept 2: Simple cubical form with filleted edges and contemporary design
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Concept 3: Elevated lens providing more space for light to flow in. The display and controls are provided on the front
Selected Concept: Two variations of the selected concept which retains the sloping structure for ease of viewing and usage
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